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BRUT ROSÉ : (75 cl bottle)


BLEND : 40 % Pinot-Noir, 40 % Pinot-Meunier (19.8 % red wine), 20 % Chardonnay. (15 % reserve wines).

Bottling : april 2014, blend 2013.

Disgorging : 2018, so 4 years of aging in our cellars.

Dosage : 8.4 grams : 11.2g/litre.


Appearance : One of the distinguishing features of rosé Champagne is its color: the soft berry red is an invitation to indulge. Like diamonds on velvet, the fine bubbles, forming a delicate bead, enhance its appeal. Silvery glints add a final touch of brilliance. The creamy, white, sensual foam accentuates the freshness of its hue.

Nose : Just as remarkable as the color, its delicate fresh nose conjures a berry cocktail of raspberries, cherries, strawberries and currants. Wild berries accompanied by citrus notes create a winning combination. Evocative of the four seasons, this Champagne has a timeless bouquet.

Palate : The taste is true to the olfactory sensation. Characterized by berries – cherries, raspberries, black cherries and currants –  the palate is soft, smooth and complex. A touch of citrus fruit offers liveliness, the light acidity intensifying the red fruits and floral notes. The finish is supple and warm like the sun setting on a summer evening.



PACKAGING : Carton of 6, and cartons of 4, 3, 2, 1, for business gifts. "Luxury" gift boxes available on request.

ATTENTION !! Transparent bottle without U.V. protection. Avoid exposure to light before serving.